LED light bulb for my 964

42mm 2W 6500K 75-Lumen 9-SMD LED White Light Bulb for Car (DC 12V)

LED light bulb to replace the old incandescent light bulbs. Not that I really need to have LED lights, but just out of curiosity. The bulbs were ordered on line, one bulb costing $1.51.

I bought total 6 bulb, thinking to replace the bulb located in the frunk, rear engine bay, glove compartment and two on the interior headliner and one spare just in case.

It took about two weeks until I received the bulbs from China.

Replacing the older bulb was simple and straight forward, but, unlike the original bulb, the LED bulbs were directional, so if it does not light up, I had to turn it around.

So do I like it? not really. As you can see from the below images, the LED light emits cool light whereas I personally prefer warmer lights. But I am going to use the LED lights for a while before deciding whether or not to go back to the incandescent lights.

One thing that I have learnt while replacing the light is the position of the glove compartment light. Unlike the models with passenger airbag, glove compartment light on my 964 is located outside the glove compartment door. You can choose either to set the light so that it lights up when the glove compartment door is opened or have it completely turned off or on. Good thing about this is that I don't have to worry about the light being constantly on even when the glove compartment door is closed, draining your battery.

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