Tamiya Carrera RSR body

Tamiya 1/10 Carrera RSR RC car body for my Kyosho Gazer GP.

My Kyosho Fazer originally came with an Aston Martin body in Gulf Livery. I love Aston martin for their design, but somehow I feel that every car looks too identical.

This Carrera RSR body was originally intended for Tamiya's EP RC car with shorter wheelbase, but I decided to try it on my Fazer thinking that I could get away with the few mm difference.

I bought the body from eBay and the item was shipped from Hong Kong. The shipping was free, but it took nearly a month before it was delivered.

Initially, I aligned the front wheel with the body which ended up looking really weird. Rear wheel arch was wide/big enough to house the rear wheel, but the position of the wheel was placed too close the to aft of the wheel housing, So I widened the from wheel arch so the rear wheel sits more closer to the center of the rear wheel housing. Result? it looks much better, but still somehow looking strange. The car is yet to be road tested to see if there is any rubbing.

The quality of the PVC body is good, but there is a rather big mold line cutting right through the front bonnet and a less visible one at the back. It does look better when the body is painted, yet still very visible. Other than this, overall quality is very good and the sticker quality is also very good. However, not sure why the stickers are not precut as they are in plastic models. Even the window masking decals had to be cut out, unlike the 1/24 plastic models.

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