Guillou's Messerschmitt Bf-109

The first time I made a balsa model plane was only a couple of years ago which was what they call the 900 series at Guillow's. It was a P-51D Mustang. Building this model plane was an awesome experience with pre-cut balsa parts that was very easy to detach. However, a single drawback of this kit was that fuselage was built using a couple if flat balsa sheet instead of using multiple fuselage formers and balsa strips. The finished model looked somewhat boxy and deformed. After doing some on-line searching, I came across the 500 series which, in my eyes, looked more realistic, and I did not know that lot of builders do paint these models. I've never thought about painting a model covered with thin sheets of tissue.

The model is still being built, but so far everything looks good, all parts very easy to detach and fit. In fact, the quality of the pre-cut balsa parts seems to be better in terms of quality than the 900 series Mustang.

The instructions are more detailed with a small booklet that explains the build process using one of the other model in the 500 series range, a Focke Wulf FW190 as an example.

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