Tamiya Porsche 911 RSR

This is a short update on my Porsche 911 RSR body that I've posted a couple of months ago.

Long story short, the body is finished and it is matched with the Kyosho Fazer GP body with some hiccups. The result is not too bad, although I would not recommend it to anyone thinking about doing the same thing.

The quality of the body is good as any other Tamiya models, with top quality decals. However, the biggest problem was the wheelbase difference, which I was aware of. I had to drill a few holes to switch between the different mounting points to find the least awkward position. Yes, I said "least" as none of the options looked convincing enough.

As you can see below, the excessive gap behind the front wheel is not avoidable.

initially, I had the gap placed behind the rear wheel which was looking bad. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture to give you a better understanding, but with the gap behind the rear wheel, the car looked like a front wheel drive car.

There is some imperfection in the front fender cutout, I will have to sand it out

I had to enlarge the front wheel housing to avoid fender rubbing, especially with the wheels angled. Front overhang looks very short, but trust me, this was the better option.

However, I do feel that I can do a better job if I had to do it again, but it is an expansive body. Next time I will go for something that matches the wheelbase.

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