964 update

I bought my 964 about a year ago, found the car in NY, had the PPI done by Import Autohaus in Huntington station NY and shipped it all the way to Washington. The car had high mileage and had all the common oil leak found on other 964s.(With only 4000-5000miles per year, I would hesitate to say that she has high mileage, but having seen other 964s with only 40K miles. I'd say that she has high mileage for a 911), I had put around 500miles so far and had some work done on the car.

The most recent job done on the car was the oil line. There was an oil leak from the back all the way to the front along the oil line. I have no idea how it happens, but leaking oil from the pipe was entering the front trunk (Frunk) wetting the trunk floor with oil.

Because I did this job all by myself in the garage with the re-crimping job aside (Chris's German Auto Services in Redmond WA), it took me about 2 months to finish the job.

I have been driving the car around for a month or so to make sure there is no leak along the oil line and ofcourse, no oil entering the frunk as well. Confident that there is not more leak along the oil cooling pipe, oil cooler, I finished the job by putting the wheel house liners back in along with the carpet in the frunk.

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