Valeo Single Mass clutch for R53 mini

My R53 has been making some irritating rattling sound for a while and it was not too long ago when I realized that the clutch started to slip when accelerating in higher gears.

And yes, it is not really recommended nor usual to accelerate without downshifting at a lower RPM and this is the reason why I have kept postponing the clutch replacement. I had absolutely no issue driving.. well besides the rattling noise in traffic lights.

I have two manual cars running on a dual mass clutch and, at least for me, they don't seem to be that durable.

This is the main reason why I have decided to go with the single mass set up

So far, I have driven the car for a month or so and here is what I think about it.

-It is noisier

-There is more noticeable vibration

-Faster response (probably has to do with the weight)

And I am so far liking the new single mass setup.

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