R53 Mini Cooper S

1st generation Mini Cooper S manual transmission is a fun car to drive, but this car is loaded with problems/potential problems. Ever since I bought the car with 140,000miles on it, it was an endless fun and repairs.

To list a few things that went wrong during the past 10 months,

-Left Xenon light

-Right door lock

-Right window regulator

-o2 sensor

-Check engine

-All three steering hoses

-Engine oil leak (gasket)

-Engine oil leak (oil filter housing cover)

-Clutch disk

-Water leak from rear trunk

-Wheel alignment

-Wheel/tire balance (steering shaking left/right)

-Rear registration plate illumination (one was missing when I bought the car)

-Key Fob (ripped button)

-Ignition issue

-Rear hatch handle gasket (leak issue)

-Ignition Switch

These are the problems that I can remember, and the ignition issue and water leak are still ongoing issues.

I have not included the minor repair works such as broken plastic parts that had to be glued back together etc.

And I am really looking forward to 2018. My R53 will, with no doubt, bring me more issues and fun.(fun driving, not repairing..)

What I want to talk about today is the leak issue. I did tons of research online to find the cause of the leak. One thing that I have learned is that there are many 1st Gen. Mini owners out there with the same problem. I have seen pictures of rear battery compartment filled with water and my car was no exception.

However, I have not yet found any promising solution for this issue. I have changed the rear hatch handle gasket and the 3rd stop light gasket which did not address my leak issue.

Today, with a little help from my wife, I was able to find the cause/source of the leak. No magic here. With all the interior panels and carpets removed, my wife sat in the car with a flash while I poured buckets of water on the roof and rear hatch to simulate a heavy rain.

The culprit turned out to be the lower window molding seal.

There are multiple clips holding the rear window molding in place and that is where the leak was coming from.

Just to make sure that I am not replacing an unnecessary part again, I will use a weather strip glue to seal the window molding and see how it goes first.

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