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eSee Cam 300

Philips CAM300 was one of the digital cameras Philips was launching. CAM 300 was a more premium version within the Philips camera range. 

I was the category lead designer for the whole camera lineup, responsible for creating the design identity and range building with close collaboration with the marketing team. 

The marketing team's goal was to emphasize the superior "movie" feature of the CAM300 to differentiate this model from the cheaper variants and smartphones, which have a more "static" form factor where users will hold up the device with a flat surface facing the subject. 


Some exciting ideas were explored, such as using a laser pointer to shoot movies instead of relying on the display, using a smartphone screen instead of having a built-in display, etc. We could not use these exciting ideas, but we gave CAM300 a "Shooting" form factor to give the product an enhanced "directional" feel. 

successful design award.jpeg
Cam 300 solo_0714.473.png
Cam 300 solo_0714.460.png
Cam 300 solo_0714.463.png
Cam 300 solo_0714.468.png
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